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Daily Bible Reading Schedule

A 365-day schedule for daily Bible reading all year long. This is the schedule published throughout the year in our weekly Bulletin, including both Old and New Testament readings daily. Some of these readings periodically appear on our Facebook Page for your encouragement.

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Regular study and application is needed for knowledge to grow. In fact, without it, our bible knowledge deteriorates. One attribute of a true Christian is his/her hunger and thirst for knowledge. Whether a babe in Christ or a Christian ready for “strong meat”, tools are available online to assist in your study.

Interactive Bible Reading Plan - From World Video Bible School.

The Bible.net - this website offers many hours of audio and video from World Video Bible School covering every book in the Bible as well as many topical studies. The Searching for Truth video series is available from this website, as well as many excellent articles including “Wisdom’s Corner” written for children.

International Gospel Hour - Homepage for the International Gospel Hour, broadcasting God’s word since 1934.

Truth for the World - This link goes directly to the Bible Correspondence page which includes six courses of study: 1) Introduction, 2) Beginning Bible Studies, 3) Intermediate Bible Studies, 4) Church of the Bible, 5) Advanced Bible Studies, and 6) Old Testament Survey. Follow the “home” link at the bottom of the Correspondence page to find tracts, articles, Facts of Faith study, and frequently asked Bible questions and answers.

Christian Courier - This website is maintained by brother Wayne Jackson and his son Jared, and is an online magazine dedicated to investigating biblical apologetics, religious doctrine, and ethical issues. Brother Jackson says “Our main objective in developing the online edition of the Christian Courier is to create a unique library of information that would strengthen our brethren by supplying quality, biblically-sound materials that were easily accessible. While there are many web sites that offer the basic plan of salvation, and reach out to the lost, our goal has been to remain focused on the second part of the Great Commission - to further the education of Christians.”

Apologetics Press - Since the late 1970s Apologetics Press has met the need for scripturally sound and scientifically accurate materials in the subject of apologetics among churches of Christ. Dr. Dave Miller, Kyle Butt, Eric Lyons, Dr. Brad Harrub, and other excellent writers provide materials for this site. In addition to articles and research notes on a myriad of apologetics topics, audio files, correspondence courses at the beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels, and a web store are available.

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